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Aonesy Portable Heat Press Machine 10"x10"

Product image 1Portable Heat Press
Product image 2Portable Heat Press
Product image 3Portable Heat Press
Product image 4Portable Heat Press
Product image 5Portable Heat Press
Product image 6Portable Heat Press
Product image 7Portable Heat Press
Product image 8Portable Heat Press
Product image 9Portable Heat Press

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The portable press has the quality and precision of a heat press with convenience of an iron. You can use it to transfer iron-on vinyl or infusible ink to fabric or other materials.

The digital temperature setting of it enables you to set the actual temperature you need. Once the required time has elapsed, heat press machine will beep once.

This portable heat press tends to have a quicker press than iron. It is heavier than iron and can reach a higher temperature. Hence, it takes a short time for the transfer to stick to the T-shirt.

The portable press is versatile, which makes it possible to press on various surfaces aside from fabric. Some of these substrates include wood, silk, canvas cardstock, jersey mesh, burlap, and many others. Precise temperature control is up to 400 degree F (205 C).

The press tends to have a more extensive press area than iron. This pressing area measures 9”x9” which tend to be large enough to handle various projects.


  • Super easy to use: it only takes a few button presses, and it heat up in less than 3 minutes.
  • No more burnt or destroyed materials: the soft peeping sound lets you know when it’s done or you can also look at the convenient timer.
  • It’s light and easy to lift: Even my grandma who has arthritis in her hands can use it without needing The Hulk’s strength.
  • Prints shop-perfect quality results for personalized shirts, onesies, and bags.
  • It’s gentle on the electric bill because it doesn’t heat up the entire room, contrary to industrial heat presses.
  • Being small and cute, you can take it with you and rock any baby shower by showing off your skills.

Package includes

  • 1x Heat press
  • 1x T-shirt for test
  • 1x Paper for test
  • 1x Pallet
  • 1x User manual
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